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Why a Novated Lease for a Tesla is a Smart Choice

By acquiring a Tesla through a novated lease, you can save money while lowering your carbon footprint. 

A Tesla electric car is one of the greatest options for a dependable and environmentally friendly vehicle. With its impressive speed, advanced technological features like autopilot, connectivity with apps and digital services, plus clean energy capabilities – it’s no wonder why so many modern drivers are opting for a Tesla. However, the cost of ownership can be quite steep. That’s why more and more people nowadays are taking advantage of a Tesla novated lease to finance their Teslas – allowing them to benefit from lower monthly payments and substantial tax savings. Continue reading to find out how this smart solution works – and why it might be right for you too!

Novated leases have been gaining popularity as an alternative option for car financing. So, what is a novated lease, and why is it beneficial for purchasing a Tesla? A Vehicle Solutions Tesla novated lease is an arrangement between an employer, an employee and a finance company. The employee leases a car, and the payments are taken from their pre-tax income. It means that the employee can save on tax and effectively reduce the cost of owning a Tesla over time. In addition, with a novated lease, all the vehicle’s running costs are usually included, such as insurance, registration and fuel. It makes budgeting easier and ensures that the employee’s Tesla will always be covered.

Including a sustainable fleet in your company can improve your finances and the environment. A Novated Lease on a Tesla is an excellent example of this. By leasing a Tesla through a novated lease, your employer can pay for the lease payments and running costs with pre-tax dollars. It ultimately reduces taxable income, resulting in less taxes paid overall. Additionally, Tesla has many tax benefits, such as the tax credit for electric vehicles and the ability to claim depreciation expenses. With a Novated Lease, your Tesla can positively impact your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Vehicle Solutions Tesla novated lease has become popular for people to drive their dream car without breaking the bank. Car leasing can be a cost-efficient option for those who do not want to commit to long-term car ownership by paying for the use of a car and not the ownership. The beauty of car leasing is that you only pay for the car’s depreciation value, which means lower monthly payments. Moreover, you need not worry about the depreciation in the car’s value as you will not own it. In addition, car leasing is flexible compared to other payment methods because you can return the vehicle at the end of the lease and lease a new one.

With the benefits of a novated lease for a Tesla, it’s clear that they’re well worth the investment. Thanks to the reduced cost of ownership and government tax incentives, you can save significantly in your monthly payments while still owning the car outright. Plus, you won’t be stuck with out-of-pocket expenses thanks to consolidated repayments and comprehensive insurance coverage. The convenience of not worrying about selling the car when it comes time? Priceless! Ultimately, if you’re in the market for a Tesla and want lower monthly payments and ease of ownership, consider a novated lease.

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