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Understanding How a Driving Theory Test Works in Victoria

Here is what every prospective driver in Victoria should know about the driving theory test requirement.

Driving theory tests are necessary for learning how to drive and obtain your driver’s license in Victoria, Australia. While it may seem like an intimidating test, the VicRoads website offers valuable information about how it works and what you can expect.

The following is a basic overview of the VicRoads driving theory test.

  1. Before taking the VicRoads Driving Theory Test, you must first apply for a learner’s permit. This requires you to attend an information session at the VicRoads Driver, and Vehicle Services Centre in your area, which is open from 8:30 am to 5 pm on weekdays. In addition, you will need a birth certificate or passport, plus one other form of identification. You must also pass an eyesight test before you can take the theory test.
  2. The VicRoads Driving Theory Test generally consists of 40 questions covering traffic signs and road rules. You are allowed to miss three questions on each topic. However, if three questions are missed in one area, you will fail the whole test. You must score a minimum of 45 out of 50 on the driving theory test to be given a learner’s permit, which allows you to begin learning how to drive with someone who already has their driver’s license.
  3. The VicRoads Driving Theory Test is split into two parts: multiple choice and hazard perception. All questions are marked automatically by computer, so you won’t be able to cheat on the test. While there is nothing to study for this test, it can help to download some sample knowledge tests from the VicRoads website, so you know what to expect when taking your driver’s license theory test.
  4. The multiple-choice section of the VicRoads Driving Theory Test covers topics such as road user safety, alcohol and drug awareness, hazard perception, essential vehicle control and rules of the road.
  5. The hazard perception part of the test involves watching seven short video clips for two minutes each where traffic hazards are presented. Once you have watched all seven clips, you will be asked to identify any hazards you noticed. If you fail this part of the test, it is likely because you missed too many hazards and not for lack of knowledge.
  6. Once VicRoads have issued your official learner’s permit, you will be allowed to drive as long someone already has their driver’s license sitting in the passenger seat with you. First, however, you must practice your driving and gain as much experience as possible before sitting for your VicRoads Driving Theory Test again.

The VicRoads driving theory test can be taken more than once, if necessary, but no more than three times within two months. If you fail the driving theory test three times in two months, you will be required to complete a full VicRoads Driver Education Course before attempting the test again.

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