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Pure Stacks Assessment: My Sincere Opinion

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Nootropics dietary supplements have been gaining extra reputation lately. Particularly with the elevated curiosity within the brain and biohacking. Since they’ve turn into so standard, there are actually a number of manufacturers on the market, however they’re not all created equal.

Pure Stacks is one nootropics model that I wished to check out. I attempted just a few of their merchandise and wished to share some sincere ideas about how they affected me. However first, let’s cowl the fundamentals of nootropics.

What Are Nootropics and Why Use Them? 

Nootropics (additionally “sensible medication” or cognitive enhancers) are substances that have an effect on the mind not directly. They might defend the mind or improve cognitive efficiency. Nootropics may improve the effectivity of neurotransmitter production and the way they act on mind cells. 

What Is Pure Stacks?

Pure Stacks is a top quality complement firm that focuses on higher mind well being. The thought is to “stack” your dietary supplements so that you’ve got one thing custom-made to your wants. As a substitute of attempting to get all the pieces we want multi functional complement (which isn’t going to occur).

You may get their pre-bundled stacks for particular well being wants, like temper, mind meals, and psychological efficiency, or create your individual bundle of dietary supplements. They provide merchandise individually, however stacking them will get you one of the best low cost. Extra on that on the finish of this assessment, however for now let me inform you how Pure Stacks labored for me.

NEUROFUEL™ by Pure Stacks 

NEUROFUEL™ is Pure Stacks’ authentic complement. It was initially known as CILTEP, an acronym for “Chemically-Induced Lengthy Time period Potentiation.” Don’t let the identify idiot you although! Pure Stacks is made with all-natural substances. 

The “chemically-induced” half refers to the way it will increase biochemical capabilities within the mind. Neurofuel does this via just a few totally different actions:

  1. Inhibiting PDE enzymes
  2. Growing cAMP ranges

#1 Inhibiting Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Enzymes 

PDE enzymes would in any other case break down one thing known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Blocking PDEs has a optimistic impact on reminiscence. Blocking PDE4, particularly, is useful for neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It might additionally improve wakefulness and focus. Some pure PDE4 inhibitors embody Artichoke extract, luteolin, and an herb known as Kanna. 

#2 Growing cAMP Ranges (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate)

cAMP naturally amps up the actions of hormones and neurotransmitters. These embody epinephrine (adrenalin) and acetylcholine. Whereas blocking PDE helps improve cAMP ranges, Neurostack’s substances additionally straight improve them. That is due to the herb, Coleus forskohlii, with its energetic compound, forskolin. Neurofuel makes use of artichoke extract to additionally assist block PDE. 

By blocking PDE and growing cAMP, it has a strong impact on a course of referred to as Lengthy Time period Potentiation. Scientists consider this course of is the important thing to studying and retaining new info. 

Neurofuel additionally incorporates an amino acid, acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR). This amino acid crosses the blood-brain barrier to assist mitochondria and increase vitality. ALCAR additionally helps battle mind fog and fatigue.

The L-phenylalanine within the components helps construct dopamine for focus and motivation. And the energetic type of vitamin B6 lowers emotions of stress and helps create calm, centered vitality. You’ll be able to see why Neurofuel is so efficient for readability, focus, reminiscence, and motivation! 

My Expertise With NEUROFUEL™

I bought to attempt each their capsule and their lemonade drink packets. I may really feel each merchandise inside half an hour. Regardless of just a few quick nights of sleep, after taking Neurofuel, I felt centered, clear-headed, and able to be productive. It was a tremendous solution to begin the day. 

I particularly favored the lemonade packets as a result of it’s a good way to ensure I begin the day with a glass of water on an empty abdomen. They combine simply with out settling to the underside of the glass they usually style nice! 

The flavour comes from crystallized lemon extract, with some stevia and organic monk fruit for sweetness. No humorous enterprise right here. 


 Serotonin (aka the “completely happy molecule”) is a neurotransmitter that helps us really feel calm, centered, and optimistic. Scientists have discovered that 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced within the intestine. Once we feed our physique the suitable vitamins, we will improve serotonin manufacturing within the intestine. 

Pure Stacks’ Serotonin Mind Meals has the vitamins wanted for optimum serotonin manufacturing.

  • Rhodiola Rosea Supports stress relief, combats fatigue and burnout, uplifts temper, and boosts vitality and efficiency.
  • L-Tryptophan – A necessary amino acid that enhances temper, improves cognitive talents, and promotes optimistic behaviors. The intestine converts tryptophan to serotonin.
  • Vitamin B3Increases blood flow within the mind, helps produce vitality, and protects the physique towards free radical injury. 
  • Magnesium Glycinate – Helps relieve stress, improves consideration, upgrades sleep high quality, and sharpens reminiscence.
  • Zinc Glycinate – Helps a healthy immune system, and helps improve serotonin within the mind. 

Wholesome serotonin ranges are linked with:

  • Constructive social habits
  • Resilience within the face of stress
  • Optimism
  • Humor
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Higher psychological well being usually

My Expertise With Pure Stacks’ Serotonin Mind Meals™ Complement

I took the serotonin complement largely within the night, but in addition throughout the day on some overcast days. I may undoubtedly really feel an impact; usually, a way of balanced calm and a greater outlook. I believe it helped me sleep just a little higher after I took it within the night. 

SMART CAFFEINE® by Pure Stacks

Typically you simply want just a little additional hit of caffeine… however with out the jitters. Pure Stacks’ Sensible Caffeine combines caffeine with the calming amino acid, L-theanine for a balanced vitality increase. L-theanine is the balancing amino acid discovered that comes from green tea

The 2 work collectively to enhance consideration and application, reminiscence, and cognitive functioning. It even helps us have the flexibility to disregard distractions. What mama doesn’t want that!

A 2008 examine discovered  L-theanine and caffeine labored synergistically to enhance velocity and accuracy when multitasking. The mix additionally decreased examine members’ susceptibility to distraction throughout a reminiscence activity. Collectively they assist enhance efficiency when we have to actually use our brainpower.

My Expertise With Pure Stacks’ Caffeine Complement

I may undoubtedly really feel the caffeine, and it didn’t take lengthy for it to kick in. I took it about mid-morning after I was sitting at my laptop computer, typing an article, and was starting to really feel a bit sleepy. It helped carry again my focus rapidly and I felt rather more productive for the remainder of the day. To date, I’ve simply taken it as wanted.  

Pure Stacks as a Complete: My Opinion

Total, I felt that Pure Stacks dietary supplements labored very successfully and fairly rapidly. They’re a fantastic nootropics hack to have available after I have to focus and be productive. Particularly after an evening of less-than-optimal sleep. The Neurofuel and Sensible Caffeine pair nicely to assist take advantage of the day.

The Serotonin Mind Meals can be a fantastic complement to have on the shelf for days if you’re simply “not feelin’ it.”

I like that their substances are all-natural and backed by science. Whereas I attempted these three merchandise, they’ve others you may add to your stack or experiment with. They’ve just a few different neurotransmitter-enhancing dietary supplements, together with: 

  • Acetylcholine Mind Meals – For higher consideration to element, sooner considering, and psychological readability. 
  • GABA Mind Meals – For a relaxed thoughts, clear ideas, relaxed physique, and deeper, extra restorative sleep.
  • Dopamine Mind Meals – For laser focus, unbeatable drive to get issues finished, higher athletic steadiness, and higher psychological readability.

Additionally they have magnesium, curcumin, krill oil, probiotics, and Vitamin D3  dietary supplements. There’s even a drink combine to help sleep and intestine well being abruptly. In case you’re undecided what to attempt first, you may order one among their stacks, which mix two to 4 dietary supplements in a equipment. 

They even can help you construct your individual stack. Simply select a product from every of three classes: Neurotransmitter Help, Psychological Efficiency, and Every day Necessities. That can robotically get you 15% off of the gathering.

I’m trying ahead to attempting extra of their merchandise! In case you’d like to provide Pure Stacks a attempt at a 15% low cost, click here to go to their web site after which put in wellnessmama15 at checkout. 

Have you ever tried nootropics merchandise earlier than? What was your expertise with them? Share with us under!


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