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Journalists Are SCANDALIZED GOP Senator Would Query Election (Dems Did It in 2005)

As January sixth approaches — that day being the second when the brand new Congress will collect in Washington to validate – or not validate – the outcomes of the Electoral School, it takes no creativeness to see what is likely to be referred to as the kraken media — the large monster that’s immediately’s mainstream liberal media making ready to rise from the depths to destroy anybody and everybody who stands up in Congress or out of it to battle what hundreds of thousands of People who’ve questions in regards to the election. 

The Structure requires each a member of the Home and a member of the Senate to ensure that a debate to be compelled on the election tallies as offered by the Electoral School. Some thirty Home Republicans have made their intentions to do that recognized. Till this week no senator stepped ahead. Now Missouri’s Republican Senator Josh Hawley has acknowledged he would be the minimally required one Senator to object. 

And in a blink the media kraken started to stir.

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan attacked Hawley thusly:

“However Hawley can also be a calculating politician who many consider is positioning himself for a presidential run within the publish Trump period. And he has determined that the easiest way to try this is to indicate that he’s keen to overturn a democratic election. And American democracy itself, with a view to maintain Republicans in energy.

And to be trustworthy, Hawley has executed us a favor, as a result of whereas many Republican senators nonetheless haven’t publicly accepted the election outcomes, none have gone this far. Hawley has now outed himself because the lead plotter within the Senate in Donald Trump’s tried coup. It’s a scarlet letter that ought to comply with him endlessly.

He’s gone on file in opposition to democracy, and he’s forcing the remainder of the GOP to go on file too. It’s necessary to know how unprecedented that is.”

Wow. “Unprecedented?” Hardly. All Hasan needed to do was take a fast soar within the time machine for a visit again to January of 2005 when Congress was assembly to certify the Electoral School vote that gave the 2004 election to President George W. Bush over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. There, plain as day, was then California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer and her California Democrat colleague Stephanie Tubbs over within the Home – each objecting to the acceptance of Ohio’s electoral votes. Why? The 2 insisted there have been “widespread irregularities.”

Was this sedition? Treachery? An try and overturn a democratic election? The liberal media of 2005 was conspicuously silent. 

Over at CNN, my former colleague Jake Tapper spoke of “the rot within the Republican Get together” and speculated that if the GOP managed the Home with Kevin McCarthy because the incoming speaker then “how sanguine would any of us be about whether or not or not this democracy was going to be overturned?”

With the best of respect to my former colleague, there are these of us who consider the true query is the rot of mainstream journalism and its startling willingness to cover tales from the general public (See: New York Submit and Hunter Biden) or make-up tales out of entire fabric altogether (See: Trump-Russia collusion.) And in doing this, aiding and abetting the forces who’ve been decided to overturn this democracy by stealing an election. 

All of this sort of factor is successfully the sign that the approaching storm over January sixth will see the media kraken unleashed, roaring out of the sewer that was the media protection of the Trump years to destroy any Republican member of Home or Senate or for that matter anybody else who dares to ask questions in regards to the 2020 presidential election. 

The vacation season has had, thank goodness, considerably of its normal calming impact on the nation. Alas, this era is rapidly coming to an finish. January sixth looms. To not point out January fifth and the Georgia Senate elections. 

That function? To silence and smear good People like Senator Josh Hawley, Congressman Mo Brooks and others who’re decided to battle for the integrity of the American election system.

Buckle up. 

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