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The Execution of Anne Boleyn

Tasked by the king with getting Anne out of the way in which, Cromwell got here up with adultery. 5 males, together with Anne’s brother George Boleyn, have been accused of getting affairs with the queen. Anne, George and the others have been tried and convicted of treason, and sentenced to demise.

Nonetheless, that wasn’t the grounds for annulment: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, who beforehand needed to rationalize why Henry’s marriage to Catherine was void and his union with Anne was the true deal, thinly accepted the notion that the king’s earlier affair with Anne’s sister, Mary Boleyn, meant the wedding to Anne was by no means authorized.

Anne (her actual age unknown, however roughly 35) was executed on the Tower Inexperienced on Might 19, 1536. Her daughter, Elizabeth, was 2 1/2 years previous—and like her half-sister Mary, the kid was additionally now illegitimate.

Henry went forward and wed his mistress Jane Seymour on Might 30. She bought pregnant immediately however died on Oct. 24, 1537, 12 days after giving delivery to a son, Prince Edward. (Cranmer, additionally later executed, was one of many future king’s godfathers. His half-sister Elizabeth, 4, carried the baptismal oil on the christening.)

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