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Experts Bust the Myths About Artificial Grass Adelaide

There’s a renewed interest among property owners about the benefits of using artificial grass on lawns. However, myths about the product still linger even with millions of people already using it in their homes and commercial properties.

Property owners from different parts of the world are increasingly choosing to install artificial lawns rather than natural ones as part of their garden or landscape. Living on a block with no gardens to mow or care for gives property owners an extra day on the weekend. In addition, the artificial lawn doesn’t have the seasonal challenges of drought in the summer and mud in winter, so it is always a good option for your property to look polished.

But even with an increasingly growing reputation as an ideal alternative to natural grass, the myths about artificial grass remain. Experts at artificial grass Adelaide debunk them one by one.

Myth 1 – Artificial grass isn’t pet-friendly.

Dog owners looking to keep their lawn nice, as well as keeping their pet happy, may look to fake grass. If your lawn has bald patches or holes from the dog’s digging, synthetic turf can restore its original look. It drains away liquid quicker than natural grass, plus it’s easy to clean.

Proponents of artificial grass Adelaide recommend that property owners choose a variety that can be set up directly over decks, concrete, pavers. This includes anything that’s considered a compacted aggregate base.

Myth 2 – Artificial grass isn’t meant for high traffic areas.

Artificial turf was first created for stadiums with high foot traffic, and it remains one of its strengths. Once installed, artificial turf can be used all year round as a sporting surface. But with the wide range of products now available on the market, it’s essential to buy quality if you want your court to stand up to the seasons. Experts insist on choosing a product that’s UV-stabilised for extended life, even when exposed to scorching heat.

Myth 3 – Artificial grass is no good to the environment.

Not a lot of people realise that artificial grass Adelaide is made from 100% recyclable material. It also doesn’t need that much water for maintenance. Best of all, it doesn’t require mowing or fertilisers, which means it has a minimal carbon footprint. As a result, proponents of synthetic turf contend that anyone who thinks it is terrible for the environment should reassess its perception.

Property owners minimise their water usage, reduce the number of pesticides and herbicides in the environment. This significantly reduces or even eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding lawnmowers that use fuel.

Myth 4 – Artificial grass doesn’t look as good as natural grass.

Finally, there no longer is any basis for the argument that artificial grass isn’t aesthetically pleasing. The truth is that the earliest versions of this product were atrocious in terms of visual quality, but modern manufacturing allowed them to evolve. Today, synthetic grass feels and looks like natural grass.

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