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C60 Advantages: Is This a Miracle Molecule?

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C60 is the latest buzzword within the pure well being world. It’s beneficial for every little thing from avoiding sunburn, to hair development, to longevity. C60 advantages the entire physique and acts as an antioxidant to assist shield towards free radical injury.

This molecule works by donating electrons to neutralize free radicals and forestall oxidation. You’ll normally see it as a C60-infused olive oil, however it may also be dissolved in different oils or bought in capsule type.

What Is C60?

C60 is brief for “Carbon 60.” It refers back to the variety of carbon atoms that, when linked, type a molecule referred to as a fullerene. Extra particularly, a Buckminsterfullerene, or “buckyballs” for brief.

This odd identify comes from scientist and architect Buckminster Fuller. He usually used geodesic domes (such as you may see at a botanical backyard) in his constructing designs. These domes resembled the newly found molecules so the molecule was named in his honor.

The scientists who made these discoveries acquired a Nobel Prize for his or her work in 1996.

The place Does C60 Come From?

C60 is an artificial molecule derived from graphite in a lab. The scientists vaporize graphite so the carbon can type new bonds, altering its form to that of a soccer ball.

C60 As a Well being Complement

C60 first bought consideration with the landmark 2012 Baati Rat Examine. This research seemed into C60’s results on toxicity, oxidative stress, and lengthy life.

In response to researchers, C60 advantages might assist with a laundry record of well being issues, together with:

  • solar injury/sunburns
  • radiation protection
  • viral infections
  • oxidative stress
  • amyloid plaques within the mind (linked with Alzheimer’s illness)
  • allergy symptoms
  • improve mind exercise

It could additionally stimulate the immune system towards most cancers and promote wholesome hair growth. These are loads of advantages in a single little molecule! The researchers concluded fullerene promoted longevity in rats, with thrilling prospects for people. They famous that C60 might be essentially the most environment friendly materials for longer life.

C60 fullerene is a strong antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals like superoxide within the physique. Though superoxide is a pure byproduct of our cell’s metabolism, it’s not one thing we wish hanging round.

In response to 2013 analysis,  Scientists consider it really works by absorbing protons, making a optimistic cost. When C60 passes by way of cell membranes and into mitochondria, our physique’s pure energy-producers, it decreases oxidative stress.

Fats Soluble vs Water Soluble

It’s necessary to notice there’s a distinction between fat-soluble C60 and water-soluble C60. Mice given water-soluble Carboxyl C60 went from a 120-day to a 128-day lifespan. That’s solely a rise of 6.67%. Common C60 dissolved in olive oil although almost doubled the mice’s life span.

There have been some combined outcomes, nevertheless. Though this analysis appears spectacular, a newer 2021 research didn’t get the identical outcomes. The scientists noticed no enchancment within the animal’s lifespan.

C60 Well being Advantages

C60 molecules have a variety of potential advantages for total wellness. Though a lot of the analysis is on animals there are additionally some human research. Scientists have explored C60 benefits for skincare in human trials and the outcomes are encouraging.

C60 Advantages for Pores and skin Care

In response to analysis, C60 might have anti-aging results and promote clear, youthful pores and skin. When utilized in lotion, it’s been proven to guard towards sunburn. C60 additionally appears to assist with pimples, in keeping with a small research of a C60-containing gel. Making use of the gel twice a day over two months helped decrease breakouts and plump up the pores and skin.


C60 might assist decrease pores and skin irritation in terms of eczema. In a mouse research from Nanobiotechnology, C60 helped calm irritation and restore the pores and skin barrier. However the inflammation-lowering advantages transcend the pores and skin. A 2019 rat research for osteoarthritis discovered that C60 was additionally useful for infected joints.

Anti-Growing older

This molecule with its antioxidant and inflammation-fighting properties might assist gradual the aging process. As talked about above, scientific research confirmed a probably elevated lifespan in animals. Once more, it was more practical at doing this when dissolved in oil.

Elevated Power

C60 may simply even substitute your morning cup of espresso. C60 might assist with vitality manufacturing by accumulating inside mitochondria. It acts as a buffer towards reactive oxygen species (ROS), which gradual vitality manufacturing. Whereas it could not occur for everybody, most individuals discover higher vitality and metabolism.

Wholesome Weight

One other potential impact of C60 is weight reduction. In an animal research, researchers famous that C60 not solely lowered irritation however helped normalize weight. Since weight achieve and irritation usually go collectively, it is sensible that much less irritation might additionally result in weight reduction.

One other manner C60 may assist with weight reduction is by addressing metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Analysis within the journal Biomaterials discovered that C60 in squalane oil helped cease fats cells from forming. The scientists steered utilizing this for metabolic syndrome and different obesity-related points.

Mind and Cognition

Insulin resistance may play a job in Alzheimer’s, with some even calling Alzheimer’s kind 3 diabetes. Amyloid plaques are one other key attribute of Alzheimer’s illness. In a 2017 rat mannequin of Alzheimer’s, C60 helped enhance studying and reminiscence by defending towards amyloid plaque formation.

It’s attainable that C60 works partially by reducing irritation and addressing metabolic syndrome.

Most cancers Help

C60 advantages might even assist with most cancers restoration. In a 2021 mouse research, researchers mixed C60 powder with nano-sized diamond powder to create a composite. The mixture was then used on most cancers cells, efficiently inflicting them to self-destruct and shrink the tumor. The scientists hope this mix might assist enhance survival time in most cancers sufferers.

As a result of C60 is so good at addressing free radical injury, it could additionally assist with most cancers. It’s this oxidative injury to DNA that results in irregular cell development and, finally, a most cancers analysis.

C60 Advantages for Muscle Restoration

One other 2017 rat research explored whether or not C60 might reduce muscle fatigue by rushing up restoration time. Rats given this resolution wanted much less restoration time and had extra endurance. After we enhance our means to train different optimistic adjustments occur, together with extra oxygenation and higher flexibility.

EMF & Radiation Mitigation

C60 appears to behave as a buffer towards EMFs and radiation. For radiation publicity, it could even work higher than taking iodine. Extra analysis is required however C60 appears to make the physique extra resilient towards radiation and electromagnetic stress.

C60 Facet Results

C60 advantages analysis continues to be in its infancy, and there’s some proof of toxicity, particularly in excessive quantities. A 2021 research in Geroscience questioned if C60 in olive oil might actually assist lengthen lifespan. The researchers additionally raised the query if mild publicity might trigger toxins to type within the oil.

In animal research, light-exposed C60 olive oil was poisonous to the mice. This reveals the significance of getting a model that’s packaged in a darkish bottle after which storing it in a cool, darkish place.

Whereas we nonetheless don’t know if C60 can promote longer life in people, there are a lot of different advantages to taking it. Much less irritation, better memory, and higher endurance are all nice causes to provide C60 a attempt.

Plus, with its potential to guard the physique towards radiation and electromagnetic fields, it’s very well timed with the rollout of 5G. With Wi-Fi, mobile phone towers, and smartphones we’re uncovered to rather more radiation than up to now.

Easy methods to Use C60 and The place to Get It

There are a couple of other ways to take this miracle molecule. C60 is offered in liquid type, dissolved in olive oil, avocado oil, MCT coconut oil, and even black seed (Nigella sativa) oil. You too can get it in capsule type, which ought to embody a kind of provider oils.

It’s beneficial that the common 150-lb particular person take one teaspoon a day within the morning. Nonetheless, this isn’t a tough and quick rule.  The quantity is usually based mostly on physique weight (grams or milligrams per kilogram) to get the proper focus. The Baati animal research used 1.7 mg/kg, since they had been researching toxicity ranges. Even at these excessive doses, C60 wasn’t proven to be poisonous within the rats.

When deciding on a high-quality C60 product, you should definitely search for these items:

  • Darkish/amber bottle, defending the C60 from mild
  • Licensed natural oils
  • Solvent-free
  • Third-party examined
  • Extremely concentrated. Ought to be 99.95% to 99.99% pure C60

After wanting into C60 dietary supplements, I discovered this one from Purple Power that meets my requirements.

Have you ever tried any C60 merchandise? What was your expertise? Share under!


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