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Breaking Wind Beneath Her Wings: Bette Midler Eggs on Girls’s ‘Intercourse Strike’…AGAIN

Sister Toldjah at RedState is reminding us that actress Bette Midler is as soon as once more expressing her outrage at pro-life laws (this time in Texas) by demanding all the women interact in a “intercourse strike” till the liberals win and abortions are as simply accessible as a manicure.  

You inform them, Sister: 

This isn’t Midler’s first foray into advocating for intercourse strikes. She joined fellow actress Alyssa Milano’s call for a intercourse strike again in 2019 over Georgia’s fetal heartbeat bill.

Presumably, the one girls who would participate on this “intercourse strike” can be girls who suppose like Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano. With that in thoughts, I’m fully on board with some of these girls abstaining from intercourse, as a result of that lessens the chance that there would ultimately be mini-versions of them who would someday comply with of their dad and mom’ radical pro-abortion footsteps.

She added “let’s face it, many people do really feel a twinge of sympathy for the boys who’ve chosen to place up with some of these girls by relationship them or marrying them.” Midler is 75 years previous and has been married to the identical man for 36-plus years. We’ll guess Midler is doing this for the Twitter clicks: over 108,000 Likes. The “sex-positive” leftists cannot probably take this significantly for very lengthy. 

Lastly, the Toldjah flurry of blows ends with this: 

Lastly, intercourse strike campaigns proposed by girls like Midler and Milano are a good suggestion as a result of they provide us the clearest look but on the stark variations between girls who declare girls shouldn’t use intercourse as a weapon however who don’t apply what they preach, and those that really do abide by that rule, as a result of I can’t consider a worse instance for youthful generations of girls than one who thinks it’s a good suggestion to make use of her physique as a bargaining chip to get what she needs.

Bitter Bette is identical Hollywood scholar who tweeted in 2018 after the Kavanaugh accuser parade failed to defeat him that “‘Girls, are the n-word of the world.’ Raped, overwhelmed, enslaved, married off…enduring the ache and hazard of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years…” 

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