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AOC Says SCOTUS Justices Kavanaugh, Barrett, And Thomas Dedicated Impeachable Offenses

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated on Sunday that she believes that three conservative Supreme Court docket justices dedicated impeachable offenses.

Video of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Meet The Press:

Chuck Todd requested the congresswoman from New York, “Do you assume mendacity in a affirmation listening to is an impeachable offense?”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez answered, “I imagine so. I imagine so. I imagine mendacity below oath is an impeachable offense and violating federal legislation and never disclosing revenue from political organizations as Clarence Thomas did years in the past can be probably an impeachable offense. I imagine that not recusing from instances with clear relations concerned with deep violations with conflicts of curiosity is an impeachable offense and ought to be critically thought of, together with by Senators like Joe Manchin and Susan Collins.”

There isn’t any authorized customary for impeachment. It doesn’t matter how lawyerly Barrett and Kavanaugh answered questions overturning Roe in the event that they deliberately deceived members of Congress whether or not it was in affirmation hearings or personal conferences if the Home Judiciary Committee desires to carry impeachment hearings and refer them to the complete Home for impeachment, there may be nothing stopping them, so Democrats must cease making up imaginary authorized thresholds to constrain themselves.

The case for the impeachment of Clarence Thomas is extra simple. Justice Thomas and his wife have a track record of corruption that goes back years before 1/6.

It doesn’t matter if the Senate gained’t vote to convict. Holding these justices accountable could be the aim. The Supreme Court docket is uncontrolled, and it’s time for the Legislative Department to place a examine on the best court docket within the land.

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