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507: Dr. Greg Eckel on The best way to Hold Your Mind Wholesome As You Age

Youngster: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

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Katie: Hiya, and welcome to the Wellness Mama Podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com and wellnesse.com. That’s wellness with an E on the top. And this episode is all about cutting-edge mind regenerative know-how and the best way to hold your mind wholesome as you age. I’m right here with Dr. Greg Eckel, who has spent the final 20+ years of his life growing and refining his distinctive method to power neurological circumstances. Along with his expertise in medical apply utilizing a mixture of naturopathic and Chinese language drugs, he has a deep private reference to this, which he explains in his personal phrases, initially of this podcast. And he took a deep dive into this analysis and has been on the entrance finish of some actually cutting-edge know-how, however we additionally discuss some frequent on a regular basis issues we will all do to enhance our mind well being. We discuss issues like what misfolded proteins are and what they do within the mind, why we’re seeing an increase in brain-related circumstances, the shocking issue he sees in lots of brain-related ailments, and it’s not what you assume, what Vsels are, that are very small embryonic stem cells, and the way this with sure lasers are offering actually superb anti-aging and mind well being outcomes. After which into extra broad issues like food regimen, dietary supplements, sleep and different components that actually impression the mind. Positively a whole lot of data on this one. So, let’s be part of Dr. Greg. Dr. Eckel, welcome.

Dr. Greg: Oh, thanks.

Katie: I’m excited to talk with you in regards to the mind, particularly. However earlier than we bounce into that, I’ve a word in my present notes that claims that you simply hooted the noticed owl on the Olympic Peninsula, and I’ve to grasp what that story was.

Dr. Greg: Nicely, I converse owl. In order an undergrad, I used to be actually serious about forest ecology and environmental science, I nonetheless am. I really I feel we should always all have a bumper sticker that claims, “Save the people,” not simply save the whales. However I work for the Forest Service in Quilcene. It’s on the Olympic Peninsula at one of the lovely locations on the planet, and I discovered the best way to name or hoot the noticed owl.

I keep in mind Jay, he was from North Carolina, he was a part of the Forest Conservation Council, and we mainly put little recordings and we have been like, within the bathe within the mornings like, hoo, hoo, like hooting like an owl, after which we’d exit. We lastly, you recognize, it was such a rush the primary time I did it. Was, you recognize, you drive as much as the highest of the mountain high and also you hoot out the decision, they usually reply again and it simply makes the hair in your arm stand on edge. It’s, like, so lovely. So all summer time we hooted the noticed owl, so it’s sort of a enjoyable, you recognize, get together trick whenever you’re tenting up there, to speak to the owls.

Katie: That’s superb. I’m comparatively sure you’re my first visitor ever who speaks owl. That’s actually cool.

Dr. Greg: Sure. They’re certainly one of my, you recognize, totem animals at this level. Sure.

Katie: I find it irresistible. Nicely, that, in and of itself is fascinating, however not really what you’re recognized for. You’re recognized on your work in mind regeneration and mind well being. So to start out broad, I might love to listen to how you bought into that space to start with?

Dr. Greg: You recognize, this story begins 11 years in the past with the assembly of Soraya. And Soraya was 6’1, dreadlocks all the way down to the ground, actually simply an incredible goddess. And she or he discovered her manner into my coronary heart like nobody ever on the planet had ever completed earlier than. And, you recognize, we blended our households, it was her three youngsters and my two youngsters. We even had a maid named Alice like “The Brady Bunch.” We blended our medical practices, and she or he was a licensed nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, I’m a naturopathic physician, and every little thing was simply going simply wonderful.

And you recognize, really, it was higher than wonderful. It was superb and magical. After which we moved and Soraya grew to become obsessive about this one orange Fiestaware plate. And, you recognize, I assumed large…look, we transfer issues get misplaced, you recognize. But it surely was this one plate, it grew to become like an eerie Groundhog Day and dinner dialog with me and the children of like, “What’s occurring?” “Mother’s searching for that plate once more.” And you recognize, she would undergo the kitchen after which the cabinets after which down the hallway the place we stored the tenting gear, to the storage, after which lastly wind up within the attic. She’d come again annoyed. After which, you recognize, a day or two later she’d do the identical factor, and it began to develop into regarding in that.

Then three months go by, Chelsea, my workplace supervisor sooner or later got here to me and stated, “Hey, Doc, Soraya simply left the constructing.” I stated, “What are you speaking about?” Stated, “Nicely, she simply left the constructing. She was in her white lab coat and stethoscope and simply began wandering across the streets of Portland, Oregon.” And at that second in time, I knew that we would have liked to do one thing. And we cleared the schedule, and that was simply three months proper between shifting to when she strolled out of the clinic.

And you recognize, we went searching for options and solutions and at that time, you recognize, she was 42, we thought it was the overall culprits. Perhaps it was, you recognize, perimenopause early, or mildew toxicity, or, you recognize, among the issues that you’d assume for any individual that younger. Nicely, luckily, I’ve at all times stated she was one in one million being, however sadly, the consultants agreed with me on that and she or he bought this prognosis known as CJD, Creutzfeldt-Jakob illness, which is a uncommon about 330 circumstances of North America a 12 months. And it’s a quickly progressing dementia with no recognized treatment.

Now, I being, you recognize, uniquely positioned as husband and doctor, I swung for the fence. What I found didn’t assist Soraya one iota. I imply, we, you recognize, at a degree in a development and perhaps your listeners can relate to this, you recognize, you’re searching for options and solutions and also you’re simply not getting them. So sooner or later, you must, with grace and a whole lot of prayer sort of, not throw the towel in, however change your outlook and expectations.

And so, I switched from looking for options to simply surrounding her with love. And, you recognize, when she handed, our nurse-midwife sort of loss of life doula stated it was probably the most lovely loss of life she had ever attended. You don’t actually hear that so ceaselessly whenever you discuss loss or any individual’s loss of life. But it surely additionally, you recognize, I didn’t need my struggling to be for naught. And so I, you recognize, sort of bushwhacked and made it up as I went, as a result of there have been no options for neurodegeneration. So, you recognize, I’ve a roadmap, I invite of us to say you don’t should go it alone and now we have a whole lot of choices for you.

So I rapidly grew to become a mind regenerative specialist in that course of. And even via my grief, the loss, and that complete course of, you recognize, I got here out complete with an open coronary heart and only a zest for the preciousness of life, and a hearth and a ardour to assist as many individuals as I can with neurodegeneration of their mind well being, after which even on a long life entrance. So, you recognize, I assume I arrived in mind regeneration in a college of arduous knocks there, and actually went for it. And actually, I sort of name them Soraya’s items, is what we use.

Katie: Wow, what a strong story. And, I’m sorry she’s not with us anymore nevertheless it sounds such as you’ve really discovered the items and the gratitude in that and utilizing it to assist so many different individuals which I’m certain she could be so completely satisfied to see.

Dr. Greg: Yeah, you recognize, it’s attention-grabbing, whereas she’s not in her physique, she actually is right here with us and in such an attractive manner, that’s the piece for me that I’ve this zest for. We don’t know the way lengthy we’re on the planet and the way lengthy we get to, you recognize, really really feel and style and contact and look in individuals’s eyes. And so it simply offers this richness to what we’re doing right here. There’s a legislation of physics, proper, that vitality can’t be destroyed or created, it solely modifications type. So I prefer to say she left her physique perhaps manner too quickly, however she’s nonetheless current in so, so some ways. And simply the lives that we’re serving to right here and the conversations we get into individuals, it’s actually fairly extraordinary.

Katie: Wow, it jogs my memory of the stoic phrases, Memento Mori, “Bear in mind your loss of life,” which really I’ve tattooed on my wrist as a reminder of that exact same factor of we don’t know the way lengthy we’re right here. And the way can we make the perfect of it and assist the most individuals within the time that now we have? And I do know that this, from my analysis, at the very least, led to your very distinctive method that can also contain serving to individuals with Parkinson’s which is not going to be your entire focus of this podcast. We’ll undoubtedly go broad into extra common mind well being. However I might love to simply hear slightly little bit of excessive degree about that as properly.

Dr. Greg: So this part…so I stated Soraya was one in one million and this prognosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob illness is about 300 circumstances a 12 months in North America. So I didn’t need to focus on CJD, however I bought in on the prionic textbooks. So prions are misfolded proteins that don’t have any genetic materials in them, they’re very odd. And oftentimes, whenever you see them within the literature, they’re known as infectious brokers.

And in there, Parkinson’s is in there, beta-amyloid plaque for Alzheimer’s and dementia, there are tau proteins, Lewy physique proteins of dementia. So there’s all of those misfolded protein ailments, which is neurodegeneration. So I picked Parkinson’s as a result of, you recognize, I’d been in apply at that time, 17 years, I’m now 21 years in apply, and I had a whole lot of of us with that prognosis. And it’s like, wow, properly, I’m uncovering these therapies that may actually assist with this. And so we put them collectively in what I name my FAN-C method to Parkinson’s illness. So I wrote a e book known as “Shake it Off: An Integrative Method to Parkinson’s Options.” Now, there are different e book titles coming round all the sides of mind well being, so in case your listeners and viewers are watching they usually’re like, “Nicely, I don’t have Parkinson’s illness.” Dangle in there as a result of this is applicable to actually our mind well being, is the dialogue.

However I needed to actually area of interest out and give attention to these of us with this one prognosis of Parkinson’s. And so I wrote a e book on it, I’ve a summit on the identical title, after which I’ve bought a much bigger broader Mind Regeneration Summit. However on the method, that’s how I picked Parkinson’s. It was a giant portion of my apply on the time. And the cures, mainly, the Soraya’s items that I discovered actually was relevant and I put that into my framework, which I name my FAN-C method to mind well being.

Katie: And I might guess from, I haven’t studied mind well being almost as in-depth, clearly, as you will have. However in finding out different areas of well being, it looks as if typically excessive cases of illness can provide us sort of a extremely attention-grabbing perception into what early levels appear like and/or on the flip facet, what optimum seems to be like and sort of that development. And looks as if we will take the intense after which find out how we will all enhance from these circumstances.

Dr. Greg: That’s it. That’s so true. And so, you recognize, what we’re seeing in clinic…so I’m not saying I’m curing illness by any means. However we’re seeing stage two Alzheimer’s reverse, we’re seeing Parkinson’s illness, individuals don’t have any proof of illness anymore. One affected person specifically that I’ll share her story with, Cindy, got here in, she was actually debilitated with a tremor, couldn’t dress anymore. And mainly was caught on her sofa as a result of she was falling over, even with a three-sided strolling help she was nonetheless injuring herself fairly a bit. And fairly depressed at that as a result of, you recognize, mainly debilitated on the sofa with Parkinson’s. She discovered us and got here out to the clinic for what I name Camp Nature Cures, it’s the expertise of mind regeneration right here. And we handled her in that course of.

And I bought a name from her a few 12 months later and she or he stated, “Dr. Eckel, you’ll by no means guess what.” I stated, “You’re proper, Cindy, I’ll by no means guess what. What’s up?” She assist, “My husband simply instructed me to decelerate strolling within the park.” I stated, “Wow, when is the final time he stated that to you?” And she or he stated it has been over a decade. She had the prognosis for 10 years, and mainly, simply, you recognize, was rapidly going into full-on incapacity, not capable of transfer off the sofa. She actually bought her life again.

Now, whereas I can’t declare that for everyone that we deal with, now we have a few 95% success price of bettering their high quality of life right here with our FAN-C method. And that’s, we depart the door open for that to happen. And we’re iterating on a regular basis I’m within the analysis and studying an increasing number of about how can we assist individuals’s brains regenerate. And on that, you recognize, it even goes to the purpose of mind well being and longevity. So from treating precisely what you stated, treating the illness course of and repairing there, properly, then you will get into prevention. After which, we will get into the longevity dialogue, which these are all so enjoyable to get into. However, you recognize, we’re seeing issues that aren’t occurring different locations across the globe with these sufferers.

Katie: That’s unimaginable. And also you talked about the time period beta-amyloid plaques. And I’d love so that you can outline this slightly bit extra as a result of I don’t realize it in a really nuanced mind well being manner, however I undoubtedly come throughout this phrase typically in a whole lot of my studying, and in analysis, and the way this appears to be a key in a whole lot of this stuff which can be occurring. My primary understanding is that this stuff can construct up within the mind. And for example, like, deep sleep is the time when our physique flushes cerebral spinal fluid and helps break these down. However that’s in regards to the extent of my understanding. So are you able to give us slightly primer?

Dr. Greg: Yeah. So the beta-amyloid plaques are round…they’re misfolded proteins that get snarled. They’re known as neurofibrillary tangles, they’ll get in there and the technical time period is that they’re gonna muck up your mind. In order that they get in there they usually trigger mayhem they usually begin different cells to misfold. So different protein buildings will misfold they usually sort of “unfold” and I’m doing large citation marks with that. In that, they’re signaling different cells to misfold. So then that’s what stops the transmission of the neurons and leads into dementia signs or Alzheimer is the largest type of dementia, Lewy physique dementia, these all go into the reminiscence loss, and many others. So these are associated to, in Parkinson’s illness, it’s known as alpha-synuclein is the misfolded protein. So that you hit it spot on along with your understanding there.

Katie: Okay. And as you talked about, hopefully, most individuals listening should not coping with Alzheimer’s dementia or Parkinson’s. But it surely does seem to be these circumstances are all on the rise and probably occurring at earlier ages. So conceivably, individuals listening may have among the both danger components or early levels and never realize it. Why do you assume we’re seeing an increase in these circumstances proper now?

Dr. Greg: I feel it’s multifold. I imply, there may be one part on ranges of toxicity in our world. So you might even see some advertisements on the market round, you recognize, roundup, glyphosate, sure pesticides related to triggering Parkinson’s. There are heavy metals in the environment that get lodged into our mind that may be at trigger. On the reminiscence loss, it’s an attention-grabbing part that it’s virtually within the innate knowledge of the physique. I’m seeing unresolved traumas on the root of a whole lot of that. It’s virtually as if the innate knowledge says you haven’t handled that trauma, and we’re going to guard you at this level.

And there’s a hyperlink and now this can be a working speculation on my half. However even on ancestral traumas, as we’ve been on the planet for longer and longer durations of time, we’re carrying these genetic lineages of our households and doing…you recognize, this piece that I went via with Soraya, we actually bought into what may have brought about this to start out within the first place? As a result of that’s the trillion-dollar query of why do proteins misfold?

And ancestral trauma has really come up on the record so far as creating epigenetic modifications that then are rippling out in our generations now. So it’s multifactorial, there’s food regimen, there’s vitamin, there’s unresolved traumas, there’s household lineage, the ancestral part to it. So all of it provides up, after which by yourself genetic platform as properly. So there are some nuances there so far as how do you unpack that for any individual in a logical vogue? How do you examine that each one collectively, and placing it right into a plan that may get you traction and motion.

Katie: That’s so attention-grabbing. I used to be not too long ago requested by a pal at a cocktail party, what do you assume is the best reason for human struggling? And my reply was unresolved trauma due to a few of my very own expertise in the previous couple of years. And that sort of recurring theme that appears to be exhibiting up in a whole lot of, to your level, power well being circumstances. And particularly the generational facet, which was a brand new analysis pathway for me.

I had Mark Wolynn on not too long ago, who authored “It Didn’t Begin with You.” And he defined what you talked about, that epigenetic change. And I’m excited for the way forward for that analysis. I feel it’s nice that we’re seeing and beginning to perceive that it’s extra than simply the sum of the bodily inputs going within the physique. And I feel that looks as if, particularly with the mind, gonna be a really, crucial pathway to go down in continued analysis.

So I really feel like we properly established why these are issues and sort of what the intense variations of them appear like. I’ve additionally seen you write and say that you simply plan to dwell to be 150 years outdated, which might require a reasonably wholesome mind and a reasonably wholesome physique. So I’m curious to sort of construct that bridge now and speak in regards to the optimistic facet of all this, which is what can we do to enhance our mind well being?

Dr. Greg: Yeah, for certain. What has given me some chutzpah, so to talk, is seeing a few of these power neurodegenerative circumstances reverse to the purpose of no proof of illness. And it’s miraculous, to say the least, as a result of it’s not purported to occur. You’re not purported to get your mind again after it’s been broken. And in seeing that, and having the privilege to sit down with 90-year-old sufferers saying, you recognize, a whole lot of the theme with the 90-year-olds is, if I had recognized I used to be going to dwell this lengthy, I might have taken higher care of myself. And so, you recognize, it was like, properly…so I took it to coronary heart. I used to be like, “Okay, properly, I’m listening to that. And if I wanna dwell to be 150, which means,” you recognize, simply issues begin to change whenever you begin to mission on the market. However we’re additionally residing at an incredible time. We have now know-how now that’s exhibiting age reversal. So there’s a strategy to measure the age of your cells, not simply the chronologic age of like, okay, I’m 51 years on the planet, however how outdated do my cells assume they’re?

And also you’ve seen this with you recognize, associates or any individual is similar age as you and both they appear actually manner youthful than you and also you’re like, how are you doing that? Or they appear actually older, you recognize, 10 to 12, 15 years older. Like perhaps they have been a smoker, perhaps they’d a whole lot of unresolved trauma, or you recognize, who is aware of what their scenario was, however they aged faster. And so we’re exhibiting on biologic age about 2.6 years age reversal. So my cells are telling me that they’re 12 and a half years youthful. And that feels actually good. I additionally really feel that younger as properly. So you recognize, when individuals are available and say, “Oh, I’m simply getting outdated, it’s simply you recognize, regular getting older.” I’m like, “No, I name hogwash on that assertion.”

You recognize, the getting older that we’re selling in our communities with our brains and with our brawn, and with neighborhood in a really, like, we’re gonna not Benjamin Button it, like, age backwards collectively, however we’re. Like, I need to be higher this 12 months than I used to be final 12 months. You recognize, my 40s, have been fairly good decade, I bought more healthy from 30 to 40. And now from 40, properly, sorry, 40 to 50, and now 50 to 60, I wanna be even higher than I used to be in my, you recognize, 50s. So, you recognize, why not? Why not age like that?

Katie: And it looks as if we’re beginning to perceive an increasing number of about this being potential, and doubtless in a novel manner, particularly within the mind, from my understanding. In that the mind is able to virtually like regeneration, and neuroplasticity, and issues which can be at the very least slower in different areas of the physique. I feel we even have applied sciences rising that may let that occur in a whole lot of methods at a mobile degree all through the physique. However are you able to speak slightly bit about a few of these new modalities which can be sort of bettering the physique’s capability for therapeutic?

Dr. Greg: Certain. The largest lever that I’ve found is round VSELs. In order that they’re known as very small embryonic-like stem cell procedures. And these VSELs, after I graduated medical college in 2001, we didn’t find out about VSELs. And so they have been found in 2005 by Dr. Ratajczak, at College of Kentucky. And so they have been mainly thought-about detritus waste as a result of there was no energetic biologic exercise in these cells that have been discovered within the serum of the blood, till we discovered a strategy to activate them.

So these are cells that we have been fashioned in utero in our mom’s bellies that created us. They’re embryonic-like, which means they will flip into any cell of the physique. They go dormant once we’re born. Often, they’re activated when you will have like a coronary heart assault or some cardiac occasion. They’ll come again alive or flip again on and act, you recognize, restore, then they return to dormancy. However we’ve discovered a strategy to activate them with a laser after which information them into the physique for the place they should go. So we actually shine the sunshine for the place the cells that have been activated by gentle have to go.

Katie: That’s so fascinating. So to verify I perceive, these are cells that exist in our personal physique. So regardless that there’s the phrase embryonic, it’s not that we’re taking these from embryos, these are our personal embryonic stem cells?

Dr. Greg: Proper. That’s proper.

Katie: I’m curious, simply as a cross over there. I’ve learn how, for example, when a mother is pregnant, cells from her child mainly go in her physique and may go to a spot the place there’s an harm and assist restore it. Are these an analogous kind of cell or am I complicated two various things?

Dr. Greg: It will get complicated fast as a result of there’s a whole lot of completely different cell strains of stem cells. So these are embryonic-like, they’re not embryonic, proper? So the embryonic are those that begin with the 1 then go to the two, then go to the three or the 4, then the ten,000 issues of the human physique. These VSELs assist that, then there’s additionally mesenchymal stem cells from the placenta, that then are additionally circulating again to mother to assist restore. So there’s a whole lot of stem cell motion throughout the rising of one other being within the stomach, proper?

Katie: Obtained it. Okay, however the ones we’re speaking about listed below are from our personal serum in our blood?

Dr. Greg: Yeah. So mainly, we pull your blood, we spin it down, and it’s within the plasma, the clear portion of the…you recognize, the purple blood cells go to the underside, then normally a wax separates the serum up above.

Katie: So are you able to speak extra in regards to the laser side as a result of I really feel like this half is actually new. And I’ve solely learn very, like, transient high-level stuff of this, nevertheless it appears actually unimaginable, the potential of this?

Dr. Greg: Yeah. So this can be a particular laser known as a SONG laser that really modifications gentle into sound. It’s bought a refraction on it have about…it refracts the laser. So it goes from gentle to sound. So it’s a sound wave that really is available in. And on it, due to that refraction, there’s mainly data switch ahead and backward on the laser.

And so it’s a particular, you recognize, Dr. Todd is his identify, he owns the patent on that laser and he’s the one which created the entire course of and truly is the creator of this. So I wanna give, you recognize, due appreciation and a shout out to him for locating this out. I’m on his medical advisory board and heading up the neurodegenerative mind well being entrance of the analysis there.

Katie: So what does the potential and the longer term appear like each within the regenerative facet when somebody already has certainly one of these extra excessive variations, and/or within the preventative facet?

Dr. Greg: If we reverse getting older by 7 years, we’d reduce all power sickness on the planet by 50%. So it’s potential that we may, you recognize, actually hold ourselves younger. Not dwell eternally, however hold ourselves younger in that you recognize, stopping power sickness, getting out of ache, having full mobility, having our energy, having our thought course of and, you recognize, sharpness of thoughts, and many others. So on the longevity entrance, you recognize, the sky is the restrict. And we’re coupled with the laser-activated and guided stem cell process, and we use hyperbaric oxygen, and we even use historical know-how like Chinese language drugs as properly. So all of these issues wrapped collectively of assembly individuals the place they’re at, measuring blood and plasmalogens and different issues like this of actually engaged on mind chemistry, we will, you recognize, actually make a distinction.

You recognize, due to this course of that I went via, I planted the flag within the earth to, you recognize, can we transfer the needle with neurodegeneration? The reply is sure. Can we do a greater job of that? Definitely. Can we expedite these reversals? Sure. That’s what I’m engaged on, it’s what the people who I’m speaking to in drugs, even exterior of medication I feel bioenergetics and sound and frequency therapeutic, I’m very serious about these subjects. And actually making sound frequencies as a result of the laser goes right into a sound wave, which appears to be repairing the mind. And it’s additionally cartilage and…you recognize, I can undergo numerous tales of you recognize, individuals needing a hip, or a knee alternative, or a shoulder alternative, they don’t want it anymore on imaging. Their physique healed itself. So it’s tremendous thrilling of what the probabilities are and actually easing the struggling and/or getting individuals again right into a thriving mode.

Katie: What does entry to those remedies appear like proper now? I do know it’s comparatively new, is that this one thing persons are capable of finding in most locations or if not, how can somebody discover it?

Dr. Greg: So proper now as a result of we’re nonetheless engaged on regulatory course of, so there’s the extremely regulated system of medication in america, for higher or worse. And so there’s a handful of clinics utilizing the VSEL know-how. I’m the middle proper now, in Portland, Oregon, and shortly to have a clinic in Park Metropolis, Utah, across the longevity play so far as the mind regeneration part. Quite a lot of of us are doing a whole lot of longevity remedies. However this system and the transformation is, I feel, what units what we’re doing aside there. So we don’t have an internet site for the suppliers. It’s known as Qi Era, is the identify of the corporate that owns the patents on the laser-guided and activated VSEL process.

The papers are simply getting printed. So there’s been two papers printed on the process. I’m hoping that there’s a 3rd popping out right here in December round…it’s 10 sufferers with coronary heart illness and injection fracture, bringing their hearts again on-line, which is tremendous spectacular. So I’m hoping that one comes out in December right here. So I assume my long-winded reply to your query is, it’s not tremendous accessible on the market but however we’re actually on the entrance edge and the entrance strains of this popping out.

Katie: Gotcha. And like we talked about, hopefully, most individuals listening don’t have certainly one of these extra extreme circumstances that they’re acutely coping with. However there’s a lot to study from these circumstances that apply to all of us. And with that being stated, it looks as if with each side of well being and this too, there’s gonna be a really multifaceted method. And I do know you had a background in useful drugs earlier than you even specialised in mind well being, so it makes me curious sort of what the intersection of these two issues seems to be like in different areas as properly. As an example, beginning with maybe food regimen, which is…vitamin is my background. I’m curious in case you’re seeing any medical proof and/or in your apply, issues which can be useful to the mind from a dietary perspective?

Dr. Greg: There are. There are a ton. So there’s this attention-grabbing speculation for Parkinson’s known as the Braak speculation of alpha-synuclein touring on the vagus nerve from the intestine. So probably Parkinson’s begins within the intestine. So we’re testing…you recognize, we handle everybody’s food regimen. Meals is your finest drugs. I imply, I’m a naturopathic doc in spite of everything, and agency believer in that. And it does make a distinction.

So you recognize, you want your oils, you want your good greens for vitamin minerals, you want ample protein to get your amino acids. After which there’s the energetic a part of the meal too. So earlier than I bought into doing the embryonic-like stem cell process exosomes or mesenchymal stem cells when these have been obtainable a number of years in the past, that’s the greatest lever that we actually began to see probably the most change for folk. I used to be doing Chinese language drugs, naturopathic drugs, food regimen, remedy, vitamin, we have been having some profit, however not as a lot because it’s actually accelerated with this additional therapeutics on high.

Katie: I’m with you, I at all times take into account food regimen the inspiration of the rest. And I’ve stated earlier than, you’ll be able to’t out-supplement a nasty food regimen, you’ll be able to’t out-exercise a nasty food regimen, all of them should work hand in hand. However that being stated, are there any vitamins that we’re seeing within the analysis which can be particularly supportive of the mind which can be price supplementing? I’m certain there’s a person side right here as properly, like I discovered, for myself at the very least, I’ve some choline-dependent genes and I don’t tolerate eggs very properly. So I do very well after I complement choline. However are there any common suggestions which can be mind supportive?

Dr. Greg: Yeah, so undoubtedly omega-3 fatty acids is the hugest class. DHA is the one constituent for mind well being. However they’re anti-inflammatory, they’re superb for our phospholipid bilayer. New analysis popping out on plasmalogens which I didn’t actually study that in medical college. And Dr. Dan Goodenowe is popping out…he wrote a e book known as “Breaking Alzheimer’s” and printed on the Alzheimer’s Worldwide Conference right here this final 12 months on rising plasminogen ranges in our blood and reversing Alzheimer’s, mainly.

So oils are crucial. The omega-3 fatty acids, the 3-6-9 ratio, plasmalogens is a giant participant there. Stage of ldl cholesterol and iron within the blood are also superb markers for mind well being and can provide some distinctive supplementation pointers. I additionally take a look at the thyroid so generally supplementing with thyroid supporting meals as a result of there are a whole lot of of us with the Parkinson’s prognosis with hypothyroidism.

So there’s sort of unofficial hyperlink there however I’m seeing there are some circumstances on PubMed of reversal of Parkinson’s illness with ample thyroid medicine. Dietarily, supplementation, you recognize, after I went to highschool…you recognize, it’s such as you assume you will have all of it discovered you then understand, oh, no, there’s a fractal universe right here and there are such a lot of ranges to what we’re doing. So the entire endocannabinoid system, generally it’s, you recognize, a cannabidiol deficiency or ratio situation that’s underlying the hormone imbalance. And there are extra receptors for CBD within the mind than all the different neurotransmitters put collectively. In order that’s one other space that we take a look at, is trying on the CBD.

After all, the mushrooms. I’m actually excited for extra psychedelic analysis to come back out. I imply, that simply makes complete sense to me. Taking a look at neural networks and the way mushrooms talk on the planet and our brains are just about arrange the identical manner. So lion’s mane, there’s a whole lot of analysis popping out on lion’s mane. Chaga, these mushrooms, you recognize, historical mushrooms which were round, we’ve been utilizing them in Chinese language drugs for eons, and now they’re popping out within the west, which is actually thrilling to see. The B nutritional vitamins, you recognize, B12, folic acid, they need to at all times be taken collectively as a result of generally you’ll be able to masks a deficiency by hook or by crook with these.

Utilizing, you recognize, the methylation course of and you recognize, what’s occurring with homocysteine within the blood. And that’s the methyltransferase pathway. So in case you’re not methylating properly or end up with among the deficiencies and the SNiPs, that’s a simple manner of measuring what’s occurring in your physique and in your blood. After which that might lead into, you recognize, carnitine supplementation, choline supplementation, lecithin. So there are some easy dietary interventions that you are able to do to additionally assist feed the mind. Magnesium is a good one, you recognize. So that is the place you sort of get into the, what I name the American shotgun method, proper?

Everyone involves me and says, “What can I take from my mind?” And it’s like, properly, right here’s all the issues they usually’re all properly researched. However, you recognize, whenever you line all of them up, and also you’re taking a gazillion dietary supplements, it’s such as you’re treading water and simply making an attempt to maintain your head above water. Versus what I name the Zhang of the formulation of course, the place you will have an emperor, and generals and assistants, all people to line up and transfer you such as you’re doing the freestyle. So that offers you some traction and motion to the place you wanna go. And that’s the place the individualizing of this system is available in, via particular testing, ensuring we meet individuals the place they’re at what’s their genetic platform? After which what’s the, you recognize, subsequent finest step for them on this second.

Katie: That does appear to be the development throughout all features of medication, fortunately, is that personalization side. Though, I’ll say magnesium is a recurring suggestion…

Dr. Greg: Throughout the board.

Katie: With each professional, each situation I’m but to have anybody say magnesium is dangerous. In order that looks as if a great start line for lots of people. You additionally talked about that omega 3, 6, and 9 ratio. So I’ve talked earlier than about certainly one of my theories in regards to the rise in a whole lot of power circumstances, is overuse of vegetable oils and polyunsaturated oils. And this looks as if one other one, I do know it’s slightly bit controversial, however a suggestion I at all times give is that our our bodies sort of developed all through historical past with out these particular fat, so we all know we will exist with out them. And so till we’re extra certain, it looks as if a reasonably protected factor to restrict or keep away from them.

This podcast is sponsored by Simply Thrive. An organization very close to and pricey to my coronary heart as I’ve seen the distinction firsthand that their merchandise make with my family. And I’ve heard from so lots of you sharing your optimistic experiences as properly. I really love all of their merchandise, however I’ve to spotlight a number of that I really like particularly a lot. Their breakthrough award-winning probiotic is, arms down, the perfect one I’ve tried. It comprises a proprietary pressure known as Bacillus indicus HU36, which produces antioxidants straight within the digestive system the place they are often finest absorbed by your physique. These are additionally heat-stable probiotics, which means they will really survive the tough setting of your digestive system and get the place they’re purported to go. Their K2-7 is the primary all-natural pharmaceutical grade K2-7 that provides the optimum beneficial dose for coronary heart, bone, and tooth well being.

I’m additionally at the moment obsessive about their Prebiotic drink, which tastes like a scrumptious tropical drink and it creates a noticeable enchancment in my digestion. And one other fast tip, their probiotic is warmth steady so I can simply add it to smoothies and even baked items for my little ones who aren’t nice at swallowing tablets but. These are among the solely dietary supplements I take with me after I journey, and I like to recommend them to family and friends on a regular basis. Take a look at all of their merchandise at justthrivehealth.com/wellnessmama and use the code wellnessmama15 to avoid wasting 15% on every little thing.

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You additionally talked about ldl cholesterol. And I feel this is likely to be pertaining to slightly little bit of a controversial matter however I needed to handle it. And I could also be off base and proper me if I’m mistaken, however I’ve seen some proof that decreasing ldl cholesterol an excessive amount of can really be dangerous to the mind. And which may be in our worry of cholesterol-related to coronary heart illness, we is likely to be damaging the mind. Am I right about that? And in that case, how can we stability that?

Dr. Greg: Yeah, you might be completely right on that. We have now gone overboard on manipulating ldl cholesterol. And there may be proof arising, Ldl cholesterol under 200 which is now the present beneficial quantity. After I began apply, it was 220. Nicely, what occurred? We have now the appearance of statin drugs that we will drop it down. However I feel what we’re doing may be very short-sighted in that we’re manipulating ldl cholesterol artificially too low. And also you take a look at what properly does ldl cholesterol do for us? It’s the spine of all the intercourse steroid hormones in our physique. It’s integral for the integrity of our cell wall. We want good ldl cholesterol, and it’s gotta be on the fluid dynamics so trans fatty acids shouldn’t be within the food regimen. However we’ve gone too far.

And there’s some proof popping out on long-term statin medicine, which is a cholesterol-lowering drug being implicated in early-onset dementias, and mind, reminiscence points, and many others. So, you recognize, it has by no means made sense to me to provide a mitochondrial toxin, only a statin medicine within the mitochondria, or the vitality manufacturing facility of each cell of your physique. And the center specifically has probably the most mitochondria as a result of it’s pumping on a regular basis. The mind has a whole lot of mitochondria too, by the best way. And so we’re toxing out the vitality factories of the physique to decrease a ldl cholesterol quantity which will or might not transfer the needle. I imply heart problems remains to be the primary killer on this nation, with over 50 million individuals on statin medicine. So we haven’t actually moved the bar in coronary heart well being with the appearance of this drug.

So it’s slightly, you recognize, it’s controversial as a result of it’s been pushed by the propaganda to say decrease is best, decrease is best. However I’m not seeing that clinically. And I’ll let you know, you add plasmalogens into that blend and dialogue of ldl cholesterol as a result of plasmalogens make about 20% to 25% of the cell wall or the phospholipid bilayer across the cell. Ldl cholesterol is the opposite large main portion of that. And, you recognize, we is likely to be on to one thing of bringing again our well being in consuming higher. I imply these ratios…I feel you’re spot on whenever you take a look at linoleic acid which is predominantly the acid that comes from these seed oils, these plant oils, the vegetable oil varietals, so they don’t seem to be good for our well being.

Katie: I’m actually glad you introduced up that mitochondria piece as properly. I’m not at all an professional on this, however I’ve had a pair on company on not too long ago that concentrate on mitochondrial well being and it’s been sort of a analysis matter for me. And it looks as if you talked about there’s a excessive focus within the mind and the center. So that is, contemplating that there’s an increase in circumstances associated to each of these, perhaps one thing we should always take a look at. And one factor that a type of company beneficial was the significance of pure gentle for influencing mitochondrial perform. And it made me surprise, is there a profit to the mind as properly? Particularly as we’re uncovered to an increasing number of synthetic gentle and fewer and fewer outside gentle, is there something we will do utilizing pure gentle patterns to profit the mind? I do know, for example, it helps circadian rhythm and deep sleep helps with these amyloid plaques like we talked about. However past that, is there a profit to getting pure daylight for mind well being?

Dr. Greg: Oh, yeah. I imply, throughout the board, whenever you take a look at, you recognize, the physicians that sort of received a Nobel Prize in Medication was all about circadian rhythm driving all hormonal stability within the physique. So it does make a distinction, like the quantity of blue gentle that then suppresses melatonin, I imply, it simply sort of…the ramifications of what we’ve completed with gentle and our sleep cycles like, you recognize, the brand new smoking is lack of sleep. So you recognize, no one would, listening to your podcast, assume that it’s wonderful for me to smoke a pack of cigarettes, like, it’s not gonna have any impact on my well being, proper? However all of us do it of like 4 to 5 hours of sleep, or, no matter with youngsters or, you don’t get it, proper, you don’t get that degree of sleep. However then the equal well being impression is of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, proper? You simply won’t discover it, you don’t have that smoker’s hack within the morning however over the long run, it undoubtedly catches you.

And so, you recognize, undoubtedly in a mind well being perform, limiting blue gentle, utilizing the blue blockers at nighttime, watching LED lights in your setting. I do know sort of all people has switched to that for the environmental part. However once more, this idea of like, save the people, like we’re happening. The planet is gonna be right here, we’re those which can be gonna disappear. So it’s, you recognize, save the people, like, okay, we undoubtedly wanna take heed to what assets we’re utilizing, and many others., and within the grand scheme of it, are we doing extra hurt than good by now we’re consuming extra poisonous medicines? I do not know. However, you recognize, like, who’s that large image so far as not simply the underside line of vitality, you recognize, burnt by candescent gentle bulb versus, you recognize, all the different ramifications that occur from throwing our circadian rhythm off? In order that’s a giant participant.

Katie: I actually like your line about save the people. And really, certainly one of my favourite quotes from this podcast was with my son. I interviewed him when he wrote a cookbook, and I requested him a query about environmental components. And he turned it round on me, he’s like “Mother, you really requested the mistaken query as a result of it’s not that we have to save the planet. The planet is a self-correcting organism, and it’ll ultimately save itself. It’s asking the query of can we get to maintain residing right here when it does that?”

And I assumed that was a extremely good level. And to your level simply now as properly is the earth as a complete will self-correct. It’s simply going to be if it does it in a manner that’s cataclysmic to people earlier than we repair these issues. I feel you’re proper, we have to discover that stability of environmentalism and likewise caring for people as a result of long run, these two issues have to hold working collectively. However on the word of sleep, what are some issues we will do from a mind perspective? How can we optimize our sleep? And perhaps what are some issues to concentrate to in relation to sleep?

Dr. Greg: So I really like monitoring it. So I put on one of many Oura rings. However, you recognize, there’s all of these gadgets on the market now, the WHOOP, and you recognize, the Fitbit, and, you recognize, iWatch, all these issues are monitoring your deep sleep. So that you wanna be monitoring it as a result of it does make a distinction as a result of whether or not you get up…you recognize, I’ll see of us they usually’re like, “Oh, I slept horribly.” I used to be okay let’s take a look at your knowledge. It’s like, properly, really, you’ve bought ample deep sleep, you’re over 20% rem, over 7 hours of sleep and also you weren’t stressed.

So, you recognize, it’s just like the story that we lay on high of the sleep which the info suggests like, no, it’s really we’d like a special story right here. So it’s getting ample relaxation, so how do you try this? There’s sleep hygiene practices on our gadgets. You recognize, it’s f.lux is a blue display blocker that goes because the solar units. Now it does make your display more durable to learn. However you take a look at that and perhaps you should flip it down, flip it off, proper? It’s time to get off the pc. Getting exterior throughout the day, throughout the daylight, throughout the early mornings actually does make a distinction.

Now, I dwell in Portland, Oregon and it’s grey and darkish just about 9 months a 12 months right here. In order that doesn’t work. So it’s like getting in entrance of some full-spectrum lights within the morning, proper? Seasonal affective dysfunction is such a giant factor up right here due to that as a result of we’re not getting the total spectrum of sunshine on our our bodies. I feel permitting the sunshine to not at all times put on sun shades, don’t look into the sunshine, don’t stare on the solar. However, you recognize, get out within the daylight in order that that is available in. As a result of that’s stimulating melatonin, melanin behind the attention there and in your pores and skin, the melanin of your pores and skin that’s additionally then circulating and altering some hormonal stability in your physique.

So sleep hygiene is then, you recognize, doing extra light issues at nighttime, like extra dialog. Gentle strolling is ok, however don’t go to the gymnasium as a result of that’s gonna spike your cortisol and probably throw off your circadian rhythm. So it’s moving into these well being habits. Generally it’s taking a shower, slowing down, being extra contemplative at nighttime. These are all actions that we will do to assist help us into optimum relaxation or, you recognize, getting a crown in case you’re a hoop wearer or, you recognize, alongside these strains.

Katie: All nice recommendation. And that morning gentle suggestion is one other recurring one. And I find it irresistible as a result of it doesn’t price something. We see within the lab outcomes it really performs out and makes a giant distinction in your hormones as properly. So it’s a type of…you recognize, there’s these superb, like, VSELs and all these cool issues we will do. However there’s additionally these free issues like sleep integration and daylight that we should always begin with. Love when that one comes up. And as we get near the top of our time, I wanna make sure that I respect your time. However you’ve supplied to share a chapter of your e book with us. So I might love so that you can speak in regards to the e book. And I’ll guarantee that hyperlink is within the present notes.

Dr. Greg: So in there, I’ve bought a replica of it right here. It’s known as “Shake it Off: An Integrative Method to Parkinson’s Options.” Now, it’s not nearly Parkinson’s. Sure, it’s Parkinson’s on the duvet, however this e book, it does lay out my complete FAN-C method. So F-A-N -C, my FAN-C method to mind regeneration. And that’s what now we have individuals flying in from across the globe, to be handled within the clinics a lot in order that we’re increasing out into Park Metropolis, Utah space as properly.

In there I structure F stands for the useful method that we’re treating heart-centered dynamic beings shifting via time and area.

A is the evaluation. And that is typically neglected as a result of individuals wanna go to the N, which is the nerve well being, like, what can I take from my mind? Versus we have to assess and switch over some stones as to potentialities as to what are obstacles to your physique therapeutic itself. Three biggies just like the triad that I see are heavy metals, the intestine microbiome, and hormone imbalances. And so these three areas, these are the low-hanging fruit.

Now, in fact, I talked about in right here mildew and lyme and different culprits which can be additionally main gamers that may very well be mimicking among the neurodegeneration and/or getting in the best way of your mind therapeutic.

Then I get into N so of the FAN-C method. The N is the third letter, and that’s nerve well being. In order that’s all the completely different vitamins. Now, it’s not exhausted. I imply, I don’t have peptides on this e book, as a result of these I actually bought into utilizing afterwards. So we don’t have the peptides in there, however there are a whole lot of peptides which you can take for nerve well being. Quite a lot of the vitamins that I discussed throughout this present, really it went above and past within the record. After which we get into the…oh, in that nerve well being one of many different attention-grabbing issues that was uncovered was I’ve a patent pending on a nasal spray known as Clear Thoughts. And that is to actually rid the physique of mind fog. And so it’s a potent neuro anti-inflammatory. Actually places the fireplace out, so to talk. And we’re having actually nice outcomes with that Clear Thoughts Nasal Spray.

After which -C is the mobile regeneration. And so I used to be utilizing tissue allograft merchandise and different stem cell merchandise exosomes, these have just about been faraway from the market in Might of 2021 this 12 months with a regulation from the FDA that turned all of them into drug merchandise. So there’s a whole lot of completely different analysis that has to occur there. However we’ve bought the VSEL, the laser-activated and guided very small embryonic-like process with hyperbaric oxygen and photobiomodulation, the PMF, and low-level laser therapies to all assist the physique in its therapeutic response. In order that’s the FAN-C method that I lay out within the e book.

I even have all workout routines like Qigong workout routines that I used to be given. I studied in Sichuan province in Tibet as a Chinese language drugs pupil. And so it’s the Jin Jing muscle tendon altering College of Qigong. So I do cloud arms, and I’ve bought tremendous mind yoga within the e book, and I discuss food regimen, vitamin in there as properly. So it’s a simple learn. I actually made it to be consumed, to have the ability to learn it for sufferers and their households. And actually, it’s a good way to take a look at even stopping, you recognize, in case you’ve bought of us with Alzheimer’s dementia or you will have considerations that growing, the structure and the framework within the e book regardless that it’s titled Parkinson’s, it’s nonetheless an relevant learn for mind well being normally.

Katie: Superior. Nicely, these notes will likely be within the present notes in addition to linked to your e book so individuals can continue to learn. And talking of books, I’m curious if there’s a e book or quite a few books, apart from in fact, your individual which have had a profound impression in your life, and in that case, what they’re and why?

Dr. Greg: You recognize, the earliest e book that I feel had the largest impression on my life was Ram Dass’s “Be Right here Now.” I discovered that e book I feel as a sophomore in highschool, and it was my introduction to a different world, I assume, of potentialities. And in there, behind his e book, I feel I learn each e book within the assets division behind that e book. So it led me down, sort of via all the non secular transitions. It led me to Thich Nhat Hanh and “Peace Is Each Step.”

And I actually…you recognize, Buddhist thought and spiritual thought from world wide, and simply across the idea of being within the now. And, you recognize, it led me to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross “On Dying and Dying.” I imply, it was simply mainly instrumental of like, my curriculum of why I got here to the planet. And I discovered that in early highschool. So I’m so grateful to have discovered him as a instructor, and I bought to review with him some time he was on the planet. And it led to so many different issues for me. So, you recognize, so far as earliest influential e book that I keep in mind, that’s the one.

Katie: I find it irresistible. I’ll hyperlink to that as properly. After which lastly, I’m curious, this may be on a private degree, or it may very well be medically associated. Any simply high items of recommendation, or the sort of the 80/20 of stuff you discover most necessary in your individual life for sustaining well being?

Dr. Greg: You recognize, I feel there’s a whole lot of trying exterior of ourselves for the reply. And as I age, you recognize, you take a look at all of those sort of the sage recommendation is go inside, the solutions lie inside. And that by no means actually made any sense to me till, you recognize, the previous couple of years and I’m like, holy cow, that is what they’re speaking about. Like, getting quiet, nonetheless, meditating, actually growing a apply for your self, that you’re intelligence. My understanding of the universe is actually main in the direction of oneness.

And if this complete factor is one entity, and we’re all simply sort of separate however the identical sort of manifestations of one another, we’re simply, you recognize, there ought to, primary, much more love ought to come out of that idea. And quantity two, it’s actually getting quiet sufficient to be able to really hearken to your inner barometer of not emotional or not reactionary, however actually, that also voice that’s in all of us. And entrusting your intuitive sense as a result of you’ll be guided.

I imply, that’s my job as a physician, doctor, is I pay attention intently. I prefer to say I do a whole lot of nothing all day. It’s the physique, and it’s the intelligence, and the medicines that actually are doing all of the work. I’m holding area. I generally is a good information and cheerleader, however finally, that’s what we should be doing for ourselves, is simply getting quiet and pay attention. And in case you begin asking these questions of your self, of your highest self, for the best good, perhaps out of that curiosity, you might be stunned at the place you’re led and what solutions you get.

Katie: I feel that’s an ideal place to wrap up. And I really like that recommendation. I’m so appreciative of your time in the present day. This has been such a enjoyable deep dive into mind well being and well being normally, and I’m simply very appreciative. Thanks for being right here.

Dr. Greg: Oh, thanks a lot, Katie.

Katie: And thanks, as at all times, to all of you for listening and sharing your most beneficial assets, your time, your vitality, and your consideration with us in the present day. We’re each so grateful that you simply did. And I hope that you’ll be part of me once more on the following episode of “The Wellness Mama Podcast.”

When you’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a ranking or evaluation on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra individuals to seek out the podcast, which implies much more mothers and households may gain advantage from the knowledge. I actually admire your time, and thanks as at all times for listening.

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